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Infocomm Club Courses for Schools

Working with IMDA, industry partners, and training partners, Tinkercademy is proud to offer tech education courses to Infocomm Media Clubs (ICMs) for primary and secondary schools and junior colleges. These programmes are fully-funded by IMDA. All you need to do is submit your application below!

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Swift Coding Clubs with Apple

Learn to code on iPad. Infocomm Club training for secondary and JC.

This set of 26-hour programmes brings mobile app development training to students using iPad. Through this programme, students will gain skills and expertise that ensures a strong head start in their journeys to become iOS app developers.

This programme has 3 tracks, each 26 hours long:Track A: App Prototyping
Track B: App Development Basics
Track C: App Development Explorations

Learning Outcomes

Track A: App Prototyping is suitable for students interested in designing and prototyping mobile apps, while getting started with syntax-based coding in the Swift language. By the end of Track A, students should be able to:

  • Know and implement app design concepts from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines;

  • Understand the design thinking process in relation to app development

  • Create low-fidelity and high-fidelity app prototype designs

  • Create interactive app prototypes to showcase ideas

  • Read and write basic Swift code to solve coding puzzles and create simple apps.

Track B: App Development Basics is a great choice for students interested in getting started with creating their own apps using Swift on iPad. By the end of Track B, students should be able to:

  • Understand and implement basic programming concepts in the Swift language;

  • Use the Swift Playgrounds development environment to create and run apps;

  • Create mobile user interfaces with SwiftUI controls and views;

  • Utilise the SwiftUI framework to design and build a series of interactive apps.

Track C: App Development Explorations builds on students’ knowledge in Track B, allowing them to go further in SwiftUI with Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and more.This track is available for students who have completed Track B or the Swift Coding Clubs programme in 2022/2023.By the end of Track C, students should be able to:

  • Read and apply documentation and tutorials on further concepts in Swift and SwiftUI;

  • Understand how to extend apps using online data available from application programming interfaces (APIs);

  • Utilise intermediate-to-advanced level libraries and tools such as Vision, CoreML, Reality Composer, and ARKit to create mobile apps with machine learning and augmented reality built-in.

Do you have students looking to learn independently? Pre-recorded introductory content from our course will be made available on our YouTube channel, for free — students can use this as reference material or to catch up, too.


  • iPad devices running iPadOS 16 and above (iPad 6th Gen and above, iPad Air 3rd Gen and above, iPad mini 5th Gen and above, iPad Pro 12.” 2nd Gen and above, any iPad Pro 11”).

  • Mac devices running macOS Ventura and above (MacBook Pro models from 2017 or later, MacBook Air models from 2018 or later, iMac from 2017 or later, Mac mini from 2018 or later)

  • Rentals available; please get in touch.

Swift Explorers Challenge

Participants in this programme will be able to submit an app prototype or app experience for the Swift Explorers programme 2024.In 2022 and 2023, we ran Swift Explorers Singapore with partner school Crescent Girls' School. This was designed as a self-directed learning programme for over 1,000 students from 60 schools, culminating in a showcase at Apple Stores in Marina Bay Sands (highlighted by Apple CEO Tim Cook) and Orchard.While Swift Explorers is open to all schools, Swift Coding Club participants will be well-placed to take part in the 2024 challenge, with our professional instructors on hand to bring them through the app prototyping, design, and implementation process. More information about Swift Explorers 2024 will be available at the challenge website from early 2024.


As an Apple Consultant Network member with a team of curriculum experts appointed as Apple Professional Learning Specialists and Apple Certified Trainers, we have unrivalled levels of experience of close to 1000 hours in teaching Swift to students in Singapore, having conducted five runs of the 180-hour Swift Accelerator Programme to date, brought our coding programmes to the UAE, and conducted numerous other SwiftUI programming classes for schools. A showcase of all our students’ apps is available on our App Store page.Over the years, we have also developed our own commercial-ready apps. We aim to make full use of our experience in both the education and app development realms to build the best coding programme we can for our students.Apply now and be one of 30 schools to join the programme for 2024. Training is provided under one of Tinkercademy's parent companies, Tinkertanker Pte Ltd.

CourseCourse CodeHoursOther Requirements
Swift Coding Club Track A: App DesignAPPLE-SWIFT-A26Swift Playgrounds 4 on iPad / Xcode on Mac. No coding background required; great for budding app designers.
Swift Coding Club Track B: App Development BasicsAPPLE-SWIFT-B26Swift Playgrounds 4 on iPad / Xcode on Mac. No coding background required.
Swift Coding Club Track C: App Development ExplorationsAPPLE-SWIFT-C26Swift Playgrounds 4 on iPad / Xcode on Mac. Completed Track B or Swift Coding Clubs Fundamentals in 2022/2023.

Digital Making and Game Development with Microsoft

16-hour CCA programmes for primary schools, presented by Zenitant

Digital Making with micro:bit

In this programme, students will get started with the micro:bit, a programmable microcontroller that serves to introduce coding, electronics, and hands-on digital making to learners of all ages. The micro:bit can be easily programmed through a block-based coding language called MakeCode.Students will explore computational thinking through the use of the micro:bit and various other external components designed to engage and enthrall students. With components that move (servo), light up (LED strip) and make noise (buzzer), students will wield the power to control the physical world in code.Interesting projects have been chosen to capture students' attention and provide them with fun challenges to practice their programming skills. We believe the project-based nature of the course and hands-on focus of each lesson engages students to foster interest in programming for years to come.In 2024, schools will be able to sign up for beginner- and intermediate-level courses, for a total of 2 × 16-hour programmes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate computational thinking concepts via an approachable, engaging manner

  • Program a microcontroller to perform various tasks, control various outputs, and sense various inputs

  • Create meaningful technology-based prototypes to solve real-world problems

  • Develop interest in computing and electronics among students

  • Develop students’ coding abilities

Game Development in MakeCode Arcade & MineCraft

In this programme, students will learn computational thinking skills and develop their own games on two widely popular platforms: Minecraft: Education and MakeCode Arcade.Using the MakeCode Arcade platform, which is a beginner-friendly game development platform from Microsoft, students will be exposed to basic coding concepts and challenged to use code to solve logic programming problems in order to create their own retro-style games.Meanwhile, using Minecraft: Education's integrated coding editor, students will apply block-based coding to create exciting virtual 3D world environments. We believe that as students see their code take effect in a virtual 3D world environment, they will be excited to understand, explore and exploit the full capabilities of coding constructs such as variables, iterations and conditionals to create complex interactions.In 2024, schools will be able to sign up for beginner- and intermediate-level courses, for a total of 2 × 16-hour programmes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a foundation in programming and game development concepts

  • Grasp computational thinking concepts in an approachable, engaging manner

  • Code with graphical blocks to manipulate objects (sprites) on screen

  • Develop understanding of coding constructs such as variables, iterations and conditionals

  • Develop interest in coding and game development

  • Develop their coding abilities

  • Build real-world playable games


Zenitant is a fellow Microsoft Global Training Partner, with whom we are happy to partner to offer these courses to primary schools. Through our close collaboration, we have brought the annual 3d-tronics Micro-controller Challenge from 2018 to 2022.Please note that for the microcontroller course, schools will need to have their own micro:bit kits. Tinker Class is a distributor for micro:bit and accessories; please contact us at [email protected] to place orders at a discounted education pricing.Apply now and be one of the 20 schools to join each of these programme for 2024. Each school can sign up for up to 2 programmes a year. Training is provided under Zenitant Pte Ltd.

CourseCourse CodeHoursDetails
Digital Making with micro:bitMICROSOFT-DIGIMAKE16 hours (beginner) / 16 hours (intermediate)Suitable for schools with PCs, Macs, iPads, and Chromebooks. micro:bit required.
Game Development in MakeCode Arcade & MineCraftMICROSOFT-GAMEDEV16 hours (beginner) / 16 hours (intermediate)Suitable for schools with PCs, Macs, iPads, and Chromebooks.

Ongoing / Pending New Cohorts

Swift Accelerator Programme with Apple

180-hour talent development programme for secondary and JC

The Swift Accelerator Programme is an intensive talent development programme for secondary school students with an interest and aptitude for app development and computational thinking. Over 8 months, participants learn to code in Swift, and apply story-telling and design thinking principles to design, build, and release an iOS app of their own.

First launched in 2018 by IMDA and Apple, the programme has helped develop five batches of 50 young coders a year from 2018 to 2023, by giving them the space, opportunity, and guidance in coding, story-telling, and design thinking, in order to help them take their passion to the next level.In 2023, we brought Swift Accelerator to 200 students in the UAE! Read more about it at the Swift Accelerator UAE website.Sign-ups for the programme open annually in February/March. Read more about our students' apps and experiences at swiftinsg.org, or sign up for updates when applications open.

Game Development Bootcamp with Unity

32-hour game development bootcamp for secondary/JC

In 2022, we ran a 24-hour programme to expose students to game design fundamentals and programming using Unity's Visual Scripting environment and game development engine.We are pleased to announce that we are bringing back our Unity course in 2023 as a 5-day holiday bootcamp for students! The next run is tentatively scheduled for March 2023 — please stay tuned for updates.

Unity is a powerful and versatile game engine, with cross-platform features that appeal to both small developers and large game studios. 40% of the top 1000 mobile games and 50% of all new mobile games are built with Unity. By learning Unity, students will be better poised to enter and contribute to these industries.

At the end of this programme, students will learn:

  • Basics of navigating and using the Unity engine interface to develop games and applications

  • Coding skills in Unity

  • Essential skills of acquiring, editing, and utilising assets from third parties for use in Unity

  • Game design fundamentals and philosophy and understand what makes for a compelling game

  • To customise their own game as a final project


  • Windows PC or macOS devices (iPads and Chromebooks are not supported)

  • For the 2023 bootcamp, we are working with potential hosting organisations to provide appropriate devices for students to use during the camp. Stay tuned!


Tinkercademy has been one of the first infocomm vendors to offer Unity training to schools since the early 2010s, introducing game development in Unity to over 1,000 students from Infocomm Clubs all over Singapore.

2022 for Infocomm Club training24 hoursWe ran this programme for 15 secondary schools and JCs in 2022.
2023 bootcamp edition32 hours over 5 daysOur first run is happening June 5 to 9 at St. Patrick's School! Stay tuned for more details.

Concluded / Stay Tuned!

Meta Spark Bootcamp with Meta (Facebook)

24-hour AR bootcamp for secondary/JC, presented by MeshMinds and supported by Tinkercademy

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that will power many of the ways we interact, socialise, communicate, live, and work in our future. In AR, digital elements are integrated into the real world, enhancing our physical experiences in real life.

Join our Meta Spark Bootcamp to be at the forefront of this new technology, where students will learn how to create AR effects and share them with the world.

This 24-hour programme exposes students to the fundamentals of Augmented Reality (AR) development using Meta Spark Studio, and learn how to create AR effects to drive impactful storytelling.

Meta Spark is one of the leading software used in creating AR effects for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. By learning Meta Spark, students will be equipped with transferable foundational skills in AR that are relevant to industries and roles in creative media, marketing, communications, campaigns, community-building and public education.


  • Windows PC or macOS devices (iPads and Chromebooks are not supported)

  • Facebook account required for Meta Spark Studio software

  • Students will be required to have their own devices for the duration of the bootcamp


MeshMinds, a Meta partner, designs programmes that educate, enable and empower creators to use technology to protect our culture and the environment. They matchmake a community of creative technologists with responsible brands to ignite conversations, create campaigns and build communities to tackle today’s most pressing challenges facing people and our planet.A testimonial from a bootcamp participant: “I loved that this bootcamp covers the essentials (i.e. basics) about Meta Spark such as the different types of tracking: face tracking, plane tracking and target tracking. Each tracker gives a different perspective when the user interacts with it. I had great fun exploring the software and learning the different types of tracking as well as how I can implement them in my projects.”

June 2022 Bootcamp6 days, over 24 hoursOur pilot run was conducted online in June 2022, for over 100 students from over 20 schools.
Nov 2022 Bootcamp5 days, over 24 hoursOur second run, from 5-11 November, will be a hybrid event, with a kick-off and finale conducted at the School of Science and Technology, Singapore.
June 2023 Bootcamp12 to 15 JuneOur final run was hosted at Temasek Polytechnic over the June holidays in 2023!

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